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Oakland Park Body Shop and Auto Collision Repairs

Oakland Park Body Shop and Auto Collision Repairs is a premiere service center in South Florida. The company has been serving the Fort Lauderdale area for over 15 years.  We specialize in accident repairs, painting, classic car restoration, collision damage, frame repairs, window damage and more. Auto Renew Collision.

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Custom Paint Matching

Auto Collision Renew Service specializes in paint matching. We match any paint color, factory or custom, old car or new car. Our Prices Our the best.

-Our 4,000 Square Foot Paint Refinishing Area is unlike any other. We can service many clients at once.

-We currently have 2 Drive Thru Spray Booths to ensure that you get your car on time.

-We place our clients as well as the environment first.  Environmental Friendly Water Paints ensure that we get the Job done while keeping Mother Nature happy.

-Our Lifetime Guarantee on all paint finishes leaves you with peace of mind, knowing that we will take care of any problems if they arise.

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Classic Car Restoration Rotisserie

We catalog and document every step of the restoration process with digital images and detailed notes, and provide our customers with a restoration summary at the completion of each project.

The body repairs are performed with the finest quality products available. We can perform fabricating, metal and lead work. Our facilities are located in Oakland Park, Florida.

The bodies are placed on rotisseries to perform repairs and refinishing. The bodies are assembled and refinished as close to factory procedures as possible. Proper bolts, seam sealers and correct colors of primers are used. The paint on all components is carefully matched to original colors, which is important for accuracy.

If it’s been your dream to restore a fine automobile, consider us for your restoration project. Our current wait list to start a new project is roughly 60 days, and we require pictures and documentation (or the car itself) to consider a new project.

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3 Dimensional Electronic Measuring System

3 Dimensional Electronic Measuring System

Every millimeter counts  when automobile and aircraft manufacturers perform control scans on vehicle bodies. For decades, these electronic scanners were plagued by shortcomings in the detail and quality of their measurements. The level of detail took a giant leap in 2004 with the invention of the powerful three-dimensional scanners. We at Renew Auto Collision Repair use the latest in 2010  3D Electronic Measuring Devices when servicing our clients.

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Unibody and Full body Repairs

There are basically two types of car frames.

Full frames and unibody frames. Full frames are utilized on heavy-duty trucks where the chassis or body mounts on the frame. Unibody frames are the type of frames that are on most vehicles today. Unibody frames mean the chassis and the body are all one unit.

The invention of the unibody frame made cars safer in accidents as they are designed to crush or crumple when damaged in a collision. Think of your car’s frame as a base that holds everything together whether it’s a unibody or full frame design.

Unibody Repair

Our team specializes in unibody repair, using our new Car-O-Liner unibody and frame bench rack. Your car’s unibody is the basic frame of the vehicle. It makes certain that everything is properly aligned and positioned for the smooth, fluid driving experience that the modern car or truck provides. We do our best to restore the frame or unibody to what it was before the accident, and if possible even to factory specifications. Whether we replace portions of the frame, or torque the metal back into proper shape with our frame bench rack, when we’re done, your car should feel and look just like it did before the accident, if not better.

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Window and Leak Repairs

Water Leaks

Have you gone to your dealership, mechanic or auto body center and been told that your leak is either “unfixable” or unreasonably expensive to fix? Have you been to a glass shop and all they want to do is remove a windshield or back glass and end up never fixing the problem?

Have you been told “it’s not that big of a leak”? Baloney. You paid good money for your vehicle, and you deserve good service!

At Renew Auto Collision we know how to fix all leaks in all vehicles, and we don’t have to break your wallet to fix it!

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Life Time Guarantee | Free Pick Up and Delivery

We provide Lifetime Guarantee on all repairs that we do.

We Provide Free Estimates.  A representative of Renew Auto Collisions is waiting for your call.

We also offer Free Pick Up & Delivery of your vehicle if the car is not in shape to drive or you simply don’t have the time. We make it comfortable and affordable for you.